Buongiorno and welcome

We are Nanette and Tommaso the hosts of Villa Valpiana and Fattoria San Leolino. With joy, gratitude and lots of enthusiasm we live in this unspoild, peaceful green area. We love it! Lets start by introducing ourselves:

We are a farmer family and we have a daughter and son. We take care of the holiday Villa Valpiana and its beautiful surroundings. Taking care of an important thing such as your vacation, gives us a lot positive inspiration. It is great to see how relaxed and happy guests enjoy their time over here. Also we are the happy owner of the vineyard and we produce wines and olive oil in an organic way. 

Hello, I am Nanette, I am your host for the location, all questions you have; please ask me. They call me the person with the green fingers I take care of the garden and kitchen garden. We enjoy the fresh food of the land. Cooking is one of my hobbies and I can give you tips for the Italian way of cooking.

Buongiorno I am Tommaso, I am the wine- and olive oil specialist. I work in the wine business as on our property. Our company is called Fattoria San Leolino. With great pleasure and pride, and after a control period of 3 years, we received mid-2015 our organic certificate. If you want I can tell all about wine, olive oil, Tuscan kitchen, the flora and the fauna, the many. In the season we have wine-tastings. Please welcome all, you will like it and we garantee you will be happy to have stayed here. 

Un caro saluto a tutti, Nanette e Tommaso 


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