Story of Pure passion

The estate takes its name from the famous medieval castle of San Leolino, which ruin stands in the center of the property, overlooking the surrounding valleys. It is located in Tuscany, on the northern border of the Chianti region and it dates back to 1645. It was originally a part of a much larger property, belonging to the very old and wealthy Florentine family named Guadagni, from which the Dufour Bertes, the current owners of the Fattoria, descend.


The first Dufour Berte at Fattoria San Leolino was Marquis Casimiro, who inherited the estate in the 1800s as the minimum amount of real estate due to him by law. He was in fact punished by his parents for marrying the servant’s daughter, rather than a woman from another noble family. Casimiro was a very driven man and was more interested in the choices of the heart than in wealth and position. It was this same passion that Casimiro invested in the Fattoria, making many improvements over the years for the entire estate. And so does this family still takes care of the estate in the same manner with respect for nature man and animal.