OIL Mill

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The company is equipped with an oil mill, which is located right in the center of the village of Londa, inside an XI century building originally used as a place of welcome and refreshment for pilgrims (owned by the Spedale del Bigallo)

Later the structure became the property of the Fattoria San Leolino which soon converted it into an oil mill where for 300 years the olives were transformed with the characteristic stone millstones and hydraulic presses, both on their own and on behalf of other companies and local producers.

In 2019, the mill was completely renovated maintaining the cold pressing and the two-phase process (without adding water during processing) but adopting cutting-edge machinery, with vertical malaxers, a centrifuge extractor and filtration directly at the end of the process.

To complete the equipment, a qualified and experienced staff who every year knows how to best adjust the machineries for the production of high quality extra virgin oils that best enhance the characteristics of the olives and the peculiarities of the different vintages.