Sangiovese & Merlo Grapes

All grapes for our wines come from our own vineyard situated on the south by nearly 500 m altitude
on the border of a nature reserve. We grow organically and selectively produce the wine itself.
We have a wine line consisting of Rosse2011 and Valpiana 2011 is a very tasteful chianti.
The wine called ORA an elegant SuperToscan 2011and is a 100% merlo. And we have an intense
Vin Santo after dinner or you cantucci cookie to baptize. As last but not least we have Leolino Vino di Londa
wich is a delicious red table wine in a bag in box.

We grow organically and select the grapes for the production of the wine itself. We observe the entire season
with great care and love the growth of the grapes. Our wine range is expanding and to be found in our products
here in this website are the wines described separately. Delicious to drink, and also great with cheese, red meat,
grilled meat etc.. But also as a gift much appreciated.




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