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Olive Oil Methods

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This process takes places entirely at room temperature (65-70° F.). This is very important because
high temperature promotes oxidation of the olive oil. Crushing with the traditional stone wheels
is a more delicate way of crushing compared with modern methods. As a consequence, the olive
oil so produced is much milder and more balanced. During the process no water is added:
this contributes to an olive oil with more polyphenols and, thus, more antioxidant ability than
the ones processed in the modern oil. 

For 300 years the olives of the estate have been crushed in the same oil mill, located in a building
dating back to the 15th century, in the nearby historical village of Londa. The principles of processing
of Fattoria San Leolino’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has basically stayed the same since then. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino

400-500 mt above sea level

Soil type:
lime and clay with rocks

Planting date:
1920- 1998

Number of estate trees:

Pruning system:
polyconical vase

Harvest period:
end of October – begining of December

Harvest method:
manual from the tree, in small cases, to
preserve the olives intact

within 12 hours from the picking,
in the oil mill of the estate

in stainless steel vats

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